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2nd Brazil-Israel Agriculture and Water Research and Development workshop

fortaleza/CE, Brazil, November 2018


Water technologies and sustainable agriculture - innovations for drylands development

Biward Conference Abstract

The Brazil-Israel Water, Agriculture Research and Development conference is a new platform of scientific cooperation and networking between two countries that have in common finding sustainable solutions for desert and drylands areas. Since Southern Israel (Negev) and Northeast Brazil share many similarities in its environmental conditions, of arid, semi arid and drylands, the potential for scientific, agricultural and industrial collaboration is a shared challenge.

The 3-day program consists of frontal lectures and panels, workshops, field trips and social events. The conference will provide opportunities for policy makers, landowners, industry managers and scientists to consider theoretical and practical issues associated with living sustainably in drylands.

The 2018’s Biward conference will focus on promoting students exchange, academic and academic-industrial collaboration between Brazil and Israel on the fields of water technology, agricultural challenges and solutions, and sustainability in the drylands.

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