Master, PhD students and Postdocs in the Negev

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All the Opportunities:

Or Sperling's Lab

Yaron Shitrit's Lab

Neomi Tel Zur's Lab, Ben-Gurion University

Ido Regev's Lab, Ben-Gurion University

Vered Tzin's Lab

Liron Klipcan's Lab

Avi Niv's Lab

Chris Arnusch's Lab, Yoram Oren's Lab and Shaul Sorek's Lab

Chris Arnusch's Lab

Ali Nejidat's Lab

Roni Kasher's Lab and Roy Bernstein's Lab

Edo Bar-Zeevr's Lab and Noam Weisbrod's Lab

Yair Kaufman's Lab

Ofer Dahan's Lab and Naama Avrahamov's Lab and Roey Egozi's Lab

Edo bar-Zeev's Lab and Eyal Rahav's Lab

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