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Israel In general and the Negev in particular are recognized for its excellence in agricultural technology in desert environments, using high-level technologies. Therefore, creating a techno-scientific network of the entire south district would be of great relevance and benefit. By improving the connectivity and integrating the local community, there will be boosts in scientific productivity (more students and collaborations), technology and industry.

NegevNet goals:

  • Improve the current partnership between the Institutes for Desert Research and R&D centers in the region:
  • Create new scientific possibilities for researchers and students
  • Increase the exposure of the scientific community of the Negev
  • Create a user friendly and interactive online database (website) based on the past, current and future programs/projects and needs of the Negev Agricultural community
  • Pursuit sustainable development and increased productivity in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology and bio-energy
  • Start data-sharing programs with local farmers
  • Contribute to the economic growth of the south district by encouraging innovations
  • Improve the connections between the academy and the industry (public and private)
  • Create educational programs with local high schools
  • Establish a scientific network between BGU and local colleges
  • Creating international collaborations with Brazil (and other countries in the future) in the field of arid land agriculture