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Brazil-Israel Cooperation in Aquaculture Technology in the Desert

The platform ARID-AQUA goal is to establish a solid cooperation between educational and research institutions as well as aquaculture producers in Brazil and Israel, with governmental and private sector support, for the improvement of aquaculture in pursuit of sustainable development and increased productivity. To achieve this goal we intend to implement eco-technological innovations.

Research Topic:

  • Recirculating systems
  • Integrative systems (Aquaponics)
  • Ornamental Aquaculture – The Israeli model
  • Aquatic Animal Health
  • Development of natural, environmentally friendly treatments and natural immunostimulants that can replace the traditionally used antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Study of infectious diseases of parasitic, bacterial and viral origin and investigating different pathological manifestations of unknown origins. Study efforts are aimed at understanding the cause of the diseases and search for solutions.
  • Dietary inclusion of insects in Aquaculture
Recirculating systems COLORS


ARID-Aqua Team

Use of minirhizotron in a greenhouse experiment at the University of California, Davis.





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