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Fostering Academic Cooperation across Latin America and Israel

Goal: “Fostering Academic Cooperation across Israel and Latin America” aims at connecting between Latin American and Israeli academia, looking for the establishment of a strong cooperation between educational and research institutions, in exchangeable knowledge on various disciplines through programs, activities and initiatives foreseen to reinforce exchanges and dialogues and enabling new synergies and effective collaboration through academics and key stakeholders networks.
  • Promote joint projects: partnerships between higher education institutions in Latin America.
  • Encourage Collaborative research
  • Create initiatives to reinforce the bilateral agreements created between BGU with institutions from LatAm and enable to concreate bilateral collaborations.
  • Establish a scientific network between BGU and Latin American universities.
  • Foster close ties with institutions in LatAm looking for common spaces for exchange, reflection, sharing of ‘best practices’ and networking.
  • Encourage transferred knowledge through publication of research outputs, through events and networking.
  • Connect NegevNet’s projects with Higher Education Institution in LatAm, especially the ones interested in providing sustainable agricultural solutions for dryland agriculture.
  • Promote knowledge and technology transfer, oriented to the needs of the LatAm countries, among them: agriculture, innovation, technology, scientific research, social entrepreneurship, among others.
  • Encourage international academic mobility between BGU and Universities from LatAm.

Research Topic:

  • Academic Cooperation
  • Social Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge and Technology transfer
  • Agriculture, arid land agriculture, water and removable energy
  • Technology with social impact
  • Education
  • Collaborative research
  • Women empowerment in agriculture and technology
  • International academic mobilit


Use of minirhizotron in a greenhouse experiment at the University of California, Davis.

Dalia Silberstein

Dalia is Argentinean, had lived in Boston in the past and is currently residing in Israel.
She is the Director of the Latin American University Network for Social Entrepreneurship (, a network compounded of 150 universities from 17 countries. In addition, she manages projects connecting technology between Israel and Latin America. Dalia has also done research in Social Entrepreneurship related topics at various universities in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia. Among these efforts, Dalia also works as project leader of the International Seminar "Technology for Social Inclusion" organized by the National Technology and Science Ministry the Social Development Ministry, and the Autonomous Metropolitan University
Dalia is a mentor at the 8200 Social Program that promotes technological solutions to social problems, and developing the Social entrepreneurship field in Israel, by using the human capital of the 8200 alumni.

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