The 1st LAIS meeting within the 2nd BIWARD conference

Fortaleza 19-23.11.2018

Within the 2nd BIWARD conference for the promotion of cooperation between Israel and Brazil at Fortaleza University, the first Latin American Israel Studies (LAIS) meeting will be convening for a two-day program between the 20th and 22nd of November 2018. LAIS is a first step to create a network of scholars connecting Latin America, North America and Israel, fostering future partnerships and the mutual exchange of knowledge in the field of Israel studies.

As an academic field, Israel Studies includes, but is not limited to History, Social Sciences, Arts and Communication, International Relations, Middle Eastern, Arab and Jewish Studies. In recent years, a growing number of centers and departments for Israel Studies have been established across multiple universities in the United States, Europe, Israel, China and most recently India.

Israel is a complex place. It is Middle Eastern and European, a Jewish state and a home to many communities and religions. At times in harmony but also in tension, these diverse cultural influences define modern Israel. The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is also an integral part of its reality. Its society, politics and culture offer a multitude of cases and opportunities to be studied from a wide range of multidisciplinary perspectives. We believe that the conference will provide an opportunity to assess these questions through informed academic debate and research.
The Latin American academic community has up to now seldom been heard in this conversation, despite being a well-recognized space of intellectual creativity.

The LAIS initiative wishes to promote Israel Studies in Latin America and the voice of Latin American scholars in the evolving discussions on Israel in the academic world.